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Astragalus Extract is Best!

Evidence is accumulating that astragalus root extract is superior to TA-65, cycloastragenol, and astragaloside IV for producing gains in average telomere length in cells. It seems that the first tests of the Patton Protocol were done with 20-40 mg of a dried astragalus extract, TA-41, producing gains of 460 bp/year in granulocyte telomeres. On the other hand, Terraternal has confessed that very little or no gain has been seen using astragaloside IV by itself, and has started to market Purslane extract. Papers on TA-65 show that the average gain in telomere length is very minimal, with only the shortest telomeres being lengthened. (Calvin B. Harley, Weimin Liu, Maria Blasco, Elsa Vera, William H. Andrews, Laura A. Briggs, and Josheph Raffaele (2011), A Natural Product Telomerase Activator As Part of a Health Maintenance Program, Rejuvenation Research, 14(1), 2011). Furthermore, this fits fairly well with the findings of the VIDA Institute as explained in their analysis of Astragalus Formulations. Astragalus root extract, or astragalus root extract plus astragalus root powder, works well to increase the average length of telomeres over a variety of cell types, but cycloastragenol and astragaloside IV produce much worse results. The optimum dose of astragalus root extract is not clear, but should probably be equivilant to the maximum dose of astragalus root used in Chinese medicine, 33 grams, or less. This would yield about 5 mg of astragaloside IV, at least 150 drops of GAIA Herbs green label astragalus root extract. I recommend 1/2 bottle/day of it for 2 weeks each month together with 3-5 grams of astragalus root powder and 3-5 grams of chitosan to improve bioavailability. This is thought to produce about 460 bp/year of telomere growth in a variety of cell types. Rejuvenation effects are finally witnessed with this dosage schedule, so that 5 years of treatment can deage an individual perhaps 25 years or more. During the 2nd two weeks of each month one takes anticancer telomerase inhibitors instead. Of course, the visible progress seems very slow when witnessed in a mirror month by month, but over the years it seems worthwhile at $85 to $90 per month, deflecting the Portrait of Dorian Grey, especially when also rubbed into the scalp. It is conjectured that a cofactor exists in astragalus root extract and/or astragalus root powder that enables astragaloside IV to function better in extending the average length of telomeres in a cell. Perhaps astragaloside IV and cycloastragenol will work much better with astragalus root extract to provide missing cofactor(s).

Category: Ingredients
Purity: 50% 90% 98%
Product Name: Cycloastragenol
Botanical Source: Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bge. var. mongholicus (Bge) Hsiao or Astragalus menbranaceus (Fisch.) Bge.
Test Method: HPLC-ELSD
CAS No.: 84605-18-5
Molecular Formula: C30H50O5
Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation
Shelf Life: 2 year when properly stored.